Our Mission

Founded in 2001, The Enlighten Foundation is a Christian
humanitarian organization dedicated to educating and
empowering women and their families worldwide through programming that includes
personal growth, community service and global missions.

The Enlighten Foundation focuses on the following 2 programs:

The Journey:

A Personal Roadmap to
Faith, Purpose and Service

The Journey is a multi-level program that provides a roadmap for small or large groups of women from all walks of life to live their true identity and seek individual and collective purpose under God. Using Christ as a compass, each level of the program builds on tools and techniques to guide participants toward a path of transformation, faith, leadership and service. Learn More!

Enlighten Learning Centers:

Transforming Underserved
Communities Worldwide

Through our Enlighten Learning Center model, we build programming in the U.S. and abroad to provide underserved women and children with the educational and spiritual resources they need to better their lives. It’s a proven model that addresses the basic needs of vulnerable women and ultimately empowers them to create positive change for themselves, their families and their communities.Learn More!

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