About Us

The Enlighten Foundation
Bringing the hope of Christ to women and children around the world.

Our Mission

The Enlighten Foundation is a Christian humanitarian organization
dedicated to educating and empowering women worldwide through programming that
includes personal growth, community service and global missions.

Our Story

The Enlighten Foundation began in 2001 as a legacy ministry, with the mission of bringing the hope
of Christ to women and children throughout the world. This hope manifests itself as the freedom to
connect with God on an individual level to establish a personal identity and sense of worth.

The organization took shape as Founder, Dr. Anne Griffith, realized that although she was a wife,
mother, daughter, sister and aunt, her life lacked a sense of personal purpose. As she looked inward,
her thoughts continued to focus on women. The women in her community. Women in marginalized
countries around the world. Women who were facing issues, struggles and oppression.

As a follower of Christ, she knew that the Lord wanted her to have the faith to encourage and help His
own. Anne decided to see for her herself. As Director of Missions at her church, Anne flew to Africa.
While there, she was able to better understand the tools and resources that women desperately
needed to survive and thrive in their lives.

“As a community of Christian women, we walk alongside others to show the love and liberation of Christ. By grace, we are able to share and exchange our experiences and develop a strong network of friendship and support that binds us together across the world.”
— Dr. Anne Griffith, Founder, The Enlighten Foundation

Board of Directors


Gary Alsobrook, Treasurer

Gary has been a pillar of faith and support for The Enlighten Foundation since its inception in 2001. He brings more than 35 years of experience working in the oil and gas industry, overseeing drilling projects and negotiating land deals. Gary’s wife Cindy is also an original Circle Member of The Enlighten Foundation.

“As an active participant in and supporter of The Enlighten Foundation since its inception, I have a deep understanding and knowledge of the organization’s partnerships and participants. I am honored to sit on the Board as Treasurer.”


Dr. Anne Griffith, Secretary

Anne founded The Enlighten Foundation in 2001, and a year later, opened the first Enlighten Learning Center kindergarten to meet the educational needs of vulnerable Roma gypsy families in Romania. Anne’s decades of work on social injustice, began with a focus on runaway children and further developed to encompass the educational, economic and spiritual needs of women and children worldwide. She has traveled more than a million miles, researching how Christian women can work together with vulnerable women and families in underserved communities around the world.

“It’s a joy to stand shoulder to shoulder with everyone at The Enlighten Foundation, as we bring the liberation of the Lord to undervalued women and their families, and the Light and Life of Christ to this dark world. Praise God!”

Director Team


Abbey Nocera

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Kris Van Wormer

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Connie Egland Director

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International Directors