by Philip Yancey
Study with Anne Griffith, Founder, The Enlighten Foundation

Chapter 7, Wrestling Match

“As Abraham learned, when we appeal to God’s grace and compassion the fearsome God soon disappears…God is more merciful than we can imagine and welcomes appeals to that mercy.” p. 91

1. Do you see God as merciful?

2. Read More than Enough? by Jenny on p. 92. She says, “The truth is, 49 percent of the time God isn’t enough. It hurts. But 51 percent of the time God is enough…meanwhile, we keep fighting. God and I.”

a. Do you see yourself fighting with God? And how about God filling your emptiness. Do you have a percentage of how much God fills you?

3. Philip reminded us of how often Moses argued with God. On p. 95, Philip states that, “In the very process of arguing, we may in fact take on God’s own qualities.” What would those qualities be?

4. On p. 100, the Chaplain states that the opposite of love is indifference. Why would indifference be the opposite of love? Has the Lord been indifferent to you? Have you been indifferent to the Lord? Did “indifference” ever make a difference for good?

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