by Philip Yancey
Study with Anne Griffith, Founder, The Enlighten Foundation

Philip goes through the conversation we often hear from other Christians, in essence, “please pray for us.” Philip’s response is also one we hear, “Yes [I’ll pray for you] but, we honestly do want to help. What else can we do?” Philip then states, “I have since learned that Christians who have no access to earthly power truly believe prayer gives them access to a greater force.” p. 117

1. Why would prayer be the greatest force?

Also on p. 117, Philip reviews the question: “Why do bad things happen?”

1. We all face adversity: violence, death, sickness, and often Christians turn from the Lord, get angry and sometimes permanently turn their backs on God. What adversities have you faced? How have you handled those with the Lord?

2. On p. 124, Bonhoeffer states, “A day without morning and evening prayers and personal intercessions is actually a day without meaning or importance.”

Do you make a conscious effort to pray in the morning, evening and throughout the day?

a. How does that help you with your decision making? Your priorities?

3. Philip states, “We cannot simply pray and then wait for God to do the rest…the battle against evil requires both prayer and prayerful action.” p. 124

a. Do you see yourself in an active Christian role?

b. In what ways to you see Prayer being the “intercessor” for your work?

4. Re-read the final two paragraphs regarding the scene recorded in the book of Revelation. The notion that “fragrant prayers come hurling down to earth in thunder, lightning and an earthquake”—and the comment from Walter Wink that “pray-ers are essential agents in the final victory over evil, suffering, and death.” p. 130

a. Do you see your prayers being changemakers on this earth? Do you see yourself as being a changemaker for the Lord on this earth?

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