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Ezekiel Lesson 2 – Glory of the Lord (His Awesome Presence)

In Israel’s Lives – during Ezekiel’s time AND in our lives today

1. Ezek 8:4 Glory of God was there like the appearance of HIM which Ezekiel saw in his vision in chapter 1:28 and Ezekiel fell down to worship HIM!

2. Ezek 9:3 Glory of God of Israel went up from the cherubim with whom it had been to the threshold of the temple:

  a. Which is the entrance of the Holy of Holies in the temple
      i. Before the lampstands
      ii. Before the bread of His presence
      iii. Before the altar of incense
      iv. Before the veil (which was split from top to bottom when Jesus died on the cross at 3 pm in the afternoon of the Sabbath on Thursday)
    v. Before the Most Holy Place – where the ark of the covenant is

3. Ezek 10:3-4 the cloud filled the inner court THEN the Glory of the Lord went to the threshold of the temple & the ‘inner court’ was filled with the brightness of the Glory of the Lord

4. Ezek 10:18-19 the Glory of the Lord departed from the threshold of the temple and stood over the cherubim
    a. Cherubim departed
    b. Lifted their wings & rose up from the earth
    c. They stood still at the entrance to the east gate of Lord’s house
    d. AND the Glory of the Lord hovered over them

5. Ezek 11:23 Glory of the Lord went up from the city (left the Most Holy Place) and stood over the mountain east of the city
   a. So the Holy Spirit left the city and people of Israel – Is God angry with America and lifted HIS HOLY SPIRIT OF PROTECTION??

As you read through the scriptures, answer the following questions:

1. If you read these scriptures carefully and take a look at the diagram of the temple, ask the question of ‘what made the Glory of the Lord – His very presence move from the Most Holy Place outside the city of Jerusalem?

2. How does the Holy Spirit interact with a covering over America and does He move over our nation and into our churches and leave our churches, when He’s displeased with false teaching, not Biblical?

3. How does He move in and out of our lives, is He always there, but we may not be recognizing His Voice in our Spirit? What are ways you and I can hear the Lord’s voice in our lives, when He wants to teach us something?

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