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United in Prayer with Deborah Gamber, Financial Advisor
Enlighten Foundation Donor and Ambassador

What Lessons Can we learn from 2,620 years ago which may apply today?

God’s attitude toward His rebellious people on Earth
Overview of the book of Ezekiel

  • • Ezekiel’s vision of Heaven – Jesus on the throne – Glory of the Lord from Heaven shines down on earth through 4 living beings, each with four faces, 4 wings, and each of the 4 beings having 4 wheels which touch the earth
    • a. Spirit of God over all the earth
    1. Ezek 2:3-4 to a rebellious people who have rebelled against ME
      • a. Who are stubborn & obstinate children
    2. Ezek 5:7 to Jerusalem – but could be America today, God founded a blessed nation
      • a. The Light & the Glory book by Peter Marshall & David Manuel – written about God’s Covenant with Christopher Columbus & George Washington – Christians God used to discover America – with early Christian pilgrims & puritans who understood the Covenant with God.


    1. Ezek 5:9 b/c of all your abominations (sins & disobedience) I, God will do among you what I have not done…. And the like of which I will never do again.

  • Ezek 5:13 God’s anger & He will satisfy His wrath WHY?
    • a. So He will be appeased & most importantly, they will know that I, the Lord, has spoken.
  • WHO’S really in control of the earth? God or man?
    • a. Man always wants control & feels he has control over his life.
    • b. God is making us question our lives


  1. Purpose
  2. Relationships

Questions for Lesson 1

  1. Have you thought about America being an obstinate and disobedient child in God’s eyes, when He’s blessed her with so much?
  2. Is it possible that God has lifted His hand of protection from America and for that matter the world with this ‘pandemic coronavirus’? If so, why would He allow this? What does He want us to do/think?
  3. Are you in control of your life, or have you thought you were in control of your life?
  4. If you are feeling out of control, have you turned your anxiety to the Lord in prayer?
  5. What possible things do you wish to say to God, in your alone time with Him and how can He help you personally with your relationships and His purpose for you right now in 2020?

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