Enlighten Learning Centers

The Enlighten Foundation core values of Faith, Education and Action enable Christian women to follow their paths to light and life. Through this approach, we are living out the Gospel in its truest form — enabling us to create positive change in ourselves, our families, our communities and the world. Jesus met both physical and spiritual needs and we are compelled by his love to do the same.

The Enlighten Learning Center Model

Through our Enlighten Learning Center model, we build programming
in the U.S. and abroad to provide underserved women and children
with the educational and spiritual resources they need to better their
lives. It’s a proven model that addresses the basic needs of vulnerable
women in underserved cultures and ultimately empowers them to create
positive change for themselves, their families and their communities.

Creating Global Change

The Enlighten Foundation has a proven model that addresses
the basic needs of oppressed women in marginalized cultures.
Once these needs are met, women can help raise up the
entire community.

  • Education of their children
  • Health of their family
  • Skill development for themselves

By partnering with Baylor University to ensure program curricula is age appropriate and culturally relevant, we have been able to foster a love for learning in young children and women alike.

Enlighten Learning Center Programs

Through Enlighten Learning Center programs, we transform marginalized communities worldwide by providing women and children with tools and resources to better their lives and the lives of
future generations. Enlighten Learning Centers are located in Romania, Armenia, and Zimbabwe.

Project Sparkle Early Learning Program for children:

  • Free primary education for young children

Skill and Personal Development Program for women:

  • Skill training to help improve socioeconomic status
  • Health education to foster healthy families
  • Personal development to create positive change within their local communities

It’s important to note that the Skill and Personal Development Program for Women is tailored and customized for each community. This customization is dependent on the needs and abilities of the community as a whole.

A long-term approach.

We understand that foundational change doesn’t happen overnight.
That’s why we hire local staff, and build relationships with the
women and children who attend our programs. This helps ensure
long-term success and program sustainability.

South Dakota, USA

We are currently supplying young children on the Rosebud Reservation with coats, clothes, toys and sporting equipment as we work with the Tribal Council to study and plan for a future Enlighten Learning Center. This Center will help transform the lives of vulnerable women and children through education, healthcare and personal development.

Enlighten Learning Center:

Harare, Zimbabwe

Formally opened in January 2019, this Enlighten Learning
Center will serve thousands of marginalized women and
children in this high-density capital.

The Enlighten Influence: Built by The Enlighten Foundation
and Revival Ministries to be the cornerstone of branching
churches in Mozambique, this Enlighten Learning Center is
proving to be a haven for women and children, and supported
by the entire church community.

  • The first Project Sparkle kindergarten class graduated in December 2019, and there is a waiting list for future classes.
  • Church members regularly volunteer in the classroom.
  • Women are gathering to learn, starting the first Journey program in December 2019.

Enlighten Learning Center:

Yerevan, Armenia

Serving Kurdish communities since 2005, the Center
provides this marginalized, minority population that lacks
basic resources with the opportunity for a better life.

The Enlighten Influence: Today, more than 375 Kurdish
children have assimilated into Armenian elementary
schools, and health education for women has helped
elevate the overall health of the entire community.

  • Young students are prepared for further education
    by learning Armenian and other important academic
    and behavioral skills.
  • The health education program has equipped women
    and girls with necessary general and reproductive
    health training and services.

Enlighten Learning Center:

Transylvania, Romania

Launched in 2001, our Enlighten Learning Center serves the Roma (Gypsy) population, one of most discriminated against ethnic
groups in the world.

The Enlighten Influence: Today, positive change has taken place with our two Project Sparkle programs in Illisua and
Pericei now funded by the Romanian government.

  • Families have access to basic medical care.
  • To help offset family costs, The Enlighten Foundation
    continues to send funds for school supplies for each student.
  • We continue to work with women and families
    in the community.