“Prayer: Does it Make any Difference?”

by Philip Yancey
Study with Anne Griffith, Founder, The Enlighten Foundation

Chapters 4–6

Who am I? Who is God? These are the consummate questions we all face in life. I love that we address these questions together in Chapters 4 through 6. The other observation that Philip makes is how we come together to pray. We come together with the Lord and each other. We can be our own best respite if we would just turn our minds to our relationship with the Lord. It’s so much better than our relationship with Amazon Prime.

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  • Patricia Crowley says:

    Like Yancey, I want to know God, yet at the same time I let everything else in my life come first—all the mundane, often trivial, aspects of day to day existence. Prayer challenges me to take the precarious step of becoming vulnerable, admitting that I cannot meet my own needs, pave my own way through life.

  • Anne Griffith says:

    Thanks Patti for your comment, it seems we all do the same thing. I think Yancey takes us step by step through learning to communicate with God, not by begging but by talking with the Lord, walking with the Lord, looking from the top down with God, at the larger picture of life. Helping us to understand why we were created by God for God. I love that you’re reading this, you’re such a strong ambassador for the Lord, this is a great study for you. Love, Anne

  • alice Hudson says:

    I loved this book it has something to glean on every chapter. Rereading it is even better. I am taking the time to go thru it in a more precise way.
    To begin with I pray because I want to be close to God. I want him to know me and I know Him. It also makes me feel closer to the people I pray for. As I pray for certain individuals I visualize their suffering and I empathize with them and the situation of need. God is not always quick to answer as sometimes I am in a hurry for the answer but He never disappoints. I have a journal of asks and answers which are not always to my liking but He is God and I am not!!! Page thirteen in the book “WE pray because we want to thank someone or something for the beauties and glories of life.” It goes on to say We pray for forgiveness, for strength, for contact with the One!!” I could quote on and on from this book!!!Everyday is a struggle to be a better person and I have to go back and forth
    so that I can lead a Godly life and it seems with so many things it is so hard, with the media taking out attention daily we must renew ourselves in Gods word. I can come before the One who loves me.

    • Noel Schulze says:

      I am amazed how Yancey can approach prayer from every angle. He discusses the definition, questions the reasons for prayer, addresses our guilt about not praying enough and in right way. One if his statements really hit home with me, “Prayer is the act of seeing reality from God’s point of view” – wow!
      I hope this question from page 15 is answered- “What accounts for the disparity between Luther and Simeon on their knees for several hours and the modern pray-er fidgeting in a chair after 10 minutes?”

  • Barbara Fox says:

    The understanding that is being driven home to me is the relationship with God. In just 3 chapters I have had confirmation of what I discovered on my own and epiphanies of ideas that seemed crystal clear once I read them . It is intense and I look forward to each page.

  • I’ve been reading Philip Yancy’s book on prayer and find it refreshing to read his comments on prayer that I’ve also struggled with during my life as a believer. As an example on page 22, when Philip says ‘Job did not receive a single answer to his probing questions, a fact that no longer seemed to matter.’ I too when asking God as to ‘why’ something has happened in my life, do not get answers, but know just by voicing my hurt and frustrations to the Lord, He hears my prayers and has given His answer, whether no, wait, maybe or yes; but only He knows the Why? Also, knowing as Philip says on page 23, that God already cares about my concerns and even more than I do. I liked the top of page 36, ‘admission of weakness disarms pride at the same time that it prepares us to receive His grace’ in our lives. Just being able to go to the Lord with all of my fears, concerns and agonies that I cannot control, admits my weakness and shows me His strength to carry my burden and solve it in a way that brings in His grace, as well as the grace of other believers, family members and friends in my life. We are indeed the ‘body of Christ’ who need ‘one another’. I’m thankful for my women friends in Enlighten Foundation!

  • Kris Van Wormer says:

    This book has been very beneficial for some ladies in my Journey Group. They are learning to pray even when things are crazy in their lives and they have nothing good to talk to God about. Phillip tells us that we need to just be honest with God and have a conversation as if he was sitting across the table from us. I love that idea, just envisioning God having a cup of coffee with me.

  • Barbara Fox says:

    Do I realize that God is always around me? Yes I sense it when I realize that man just copies God. Nature is Gods idea board, whether it is construction, art, or a new invention.

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