by Philip Yancey
Study with Anne Griffith, Founder, The Enlighten Foundation

Chapter 3: Just As We Are

Page 30: “Sometimes I wonder if the words I use are the least important part of prayer.”
Is that a great statement or what? Do you ever fumble for the right words, sort of drift off and think of the grocery list? Sometimes I even think to myself, “for Heaven’s Sake, God already knows what is going on, I have no idea what to ask for, talk through or confess about. In fact, I’m sure the Lord is looking over my shoulder at the next person thinking, enough of this blather, “Next!”

But, in this sentence, Philip so aptly places our fallenness right in front of us. We go to the Lord in prayer because we are unsure, feel unprotected, indecisive and weak. Prayer time is when all the hype is stripped off while we humbly look to the Lord for answers.

1. Today, are there areas of your life that are loose? Unsure? Are you looking at your future with uncertainty? Concern?

2. Are you afraid to admit those issues to the Lord? Are you afraid that you might bungle the prayer?

Page 40: Philip states, “Prayer allows a place for me to bring my doubts and complaints—in sum, my ignorance—and subject them to the blinding light of a reality I cannot comprehend but can haltingly learn to trust.”

1. Have you ever just wanted to “lay it all out” with the Lord and just be honest with what’s going on with you?

2. On Page 41, Philip refers to Psalm 139: 4, 7-8. Read that verse. Philip states that for him, … “what I think and feel as I pray, rather than the words I speak, may be the real prayer, for God “hears” that too.”

3. Have you thought of having a real “heart to heart” prayer with the Lord?

4. Finally, Philip asks this question on page 44: “Do we allow our day to be shaped by God’s desire to relate to us?” How do you respond to this?

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