SPARK The World
SPARK: Surprising People with Acts of Random Kindness

We cannot change the fact that our community is getting sick, we are experiencing job losses, or our children are forced to attend school remotely. We cannot change the pain that we have all experienced but we can come together to bring unity through KINDNESS.

As we begin this new year, we are going to challenge you to bring kindness back. If we all pick one act of random kindness and surprise someone today, and that person surprised someone else, and so on…we could together ignite a fire, a light, and hope that could help us push through the dark times.

Today, we want to challenge YOU to SPARK someone. Take a quick video of your SPARK and post it to social media. Tag 5 friends to do their own random acts of kindness and use the hashtag #sparktheworld.

You may want to copy and paste this text with your post:

SPARK CHALLENGE: You have been challenged to light the world with a SPARK! SPARK stands for Surprising People with Acts of Random Kindness. Record a quick video while SPARKING someone. Post it to social media and challenge 5 friends to do the same. Let’s see if our sparks can continue to ignite kindness in others and race across the world like wildfire. #sparktheworld #theenlightenfoundation


1) Double your dinner recipe and bring the other half to a busy/sick/exhausted friend.

2) Donate some of your family’s toys/books to children who you know will enjoy them!

3) Bring coffee to a tired coworker/friend/childcare provider/neighbor.

4) Bake something yummy and bring it to your neighbors/mailman/teacher.

5) Send an unexpected care package/gift to someone you love.

6) Drop some letters in the mail ‘just because.’

7) Pay for the person behind you in the drive through line.

8) Collect old towels/blankets/pet items and donate to an animal rescue organization.

9) Shovel your neighbor’s driveway.

10) Compliment someone to their boss.

11) Leave a post-it note with a happy message on a coworker’s computer screen.

12) Write to an old teacher, pastor or coach who made a difference in your life.

13) Leave coloring books and crayons in the mailbox of your neighbor who has with children.

14) Set a basket of snacks and water bottles outside for people making deliveries.

15) Make a donation to The Enlighten Foundation.

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