The Journey is about living your
IDENTITY and finding your PURPOSE.

Living your identity and finding your purpose:
Join other Christian women to thoughtfully seek and
discover God’s purpose for their lives to transform
themselves and those around them.

  • Seeking meaning, identity and worth.
  • Being thoughtful about life purpose.
  • Walking alongside others to show the love
    and liberation of Christ.
The Journey is about serving in
and with your COMMUNITY.

Building Community:
Share the Hope of the Lord through service by assisting individuals and organizations within the local community.

  • Working alongside other Christian women as they move
    forward on their Journeys.
  • Strengthening families through faith
    and confidence.
  • Participating in programs like Spark (surprising people with acts of random kindness) to serve the local community through faith, leadership and understanding.
The Journey is about transforming
the lives of oppressed and marginalized
women, children and families WORLDWIDE.


Serving the World:
Bring about transformational change for women
and children who need it most at one of our
international Enlighten Learning Centers.

  • Participate in our 6-month, Let’s Go! training for your organization’s mission or a mission to an Enlighten Learning Center.
  • Showing and sharing the love of the Lord to
    each person, regardless of belief.
  • Walking alongside others, providing them with tools and techniques to better their lives.
The Journey also offers an additional
level on Leadership and Vision.

Organizational leaders and Enlighten Ambassadors:
Those who complete their Journey and are committed to expanding and carrying out the mission of their respective organizations.

  • Believing in and holding strong to the organizational mission.
  • Heading together with other Christians in
    the same direction, to show true freedom and
    liberation of Christ.
  • Understanding the underlying purpose or doing the
    work of the Lord on earth as it is in heaven.
Are you ready to embark on your Enlighten Journey?