The Journey Series: Awareness

We are called by Christ to be ambassadors of His Hope to the world. As Christians we know we have the power through Christ to spread this light and make changes within our families and communities. But we must first be aware of the issues people are facing, in order to make changes.

How open are your eyes and heart?

A great place to start is by recognizing the commonality that women share throughout the world. Whether it is your next door neighbor or a woman in our Enlighten Learning Center community all the way across the world, we can have things in common.

As women we can listen and walk alongside others, no matter what. Sometimes it takes persistence. Sometimes it takes patience.

Here are three simple action steps you can take to continue to work on your Awareness, with the help of The Lord.

1. Ask yourself what might you gain from seeking out some different voices and perspectives?
2. Spend time in prayer and ask “Lord, who in my life needs my attention and compassion today?” Send a text or pick up the phone and reach out to that person as you feel prompted.
3. Pick a headline in the news this week and pray about it.

“Lord, Psalm 24:1 tells us the earth and everything in it is yours. Let your love and compassion for the world be reflected in my own heart and actions this week. In your name, we pray. Amen”

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