The Journey Series: Identity

As women, we often absorb ourselves so completely in our everyday roles that our true selves become lost or ignored. In our journey to understand our unique purpose before God, we need to recognize the biblical truth about our identity, as well as the wonderful, individual characteristics that make up who we are.

If you had to define your identity, right here, and right now…what would you say? Would you describe your role in society? Or could you dig a little deeper and think outside of those roles?

Here are three simple action steps so you can deepen the understanding of your identity with the help of The Lord:

1) Write down 1 Corinthians 12:12 and put it on your mirror. When you look in the mirror every morning to get ready, you will remember that your identity is defined in God, not in the makeup you don, the clothes you wear, or the employee badge that you put around your neck.

2) Grab a pencil and a paper and write down three unique aspects that define you. Remember, do not write down your job role or societal role.

3) Finally, think of ways that you could share your gifts with the world around you. Write them down. Keep them where you can see them and follow-through. Share your gift of compassion by checking on your elderly neighbor? Share your gift of faith by talking to your children about God. The options are endless.

Identity is one of the topics we offer in our Journey Program. Click here to learn more about The Journey program.

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